The Anti-Hollywood, Boca Raton Magazine, Nov 13th 2013, by John Thomason

Double Take: Narrative Interventions in Photography, Afterimage, March 2012, by Jody Zellen

Eileen Cowin, review in Art Papers April 2007

Revealing More than Meets the Eye, The Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2000 by Christopher Knight

Still (and More to Come), Afterimage, May/June 2000, by Thomas McGovern

Eileen Cowin, work 1971-1998, Still (and all), by Mark Alice Durant

Still (and all) Eileen Cowin, Work 1971-1998, The Impossibility of Expression, by Sue Spaid

Collection Highlight: Eileen Cowin's Based on a True Story, Los Angeles County Museum of Art Members Magazine, by Tim B. Wride

Eileen Cowin at Jayne H. Baum, Art in America, April 1989, by Eleanor Heartney

Eileen Cowin, Real Images of an Illusory World, (published by Gallery Min, 1987) by Mark Johnstone

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